Vegetarian Posts

Butternut squash and goats cheese quiche

Rich and filling!

Green quinoa salad

Great with quiches, bbq’s the list could go on…...

Gluten free courgette quiche

One of my faves and great hot or cold

Courgette Boats

Fresh from the garden

Sweet potato tortilla

Hearty meal in one

Blueberry nut, seed and yoghurt bowl

Nuts for your guts…..

Curried eggs

Fab winter spicy nourishment

Sweet Potato Soup

I just love this quick and easy sweet potato soup for a wholesome lunch at this time of year when it’s getting a bit chilly!

Jaffa jacks

These are a fantastic take on jaffa cakes

Cavalo Nero crisps

For a salty snack hit try these

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