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Very berry lollies!

Kids love these

Homemade mincemeat bites

A great alternative to mince pies

Festive Cheesecake

Brilliant alternative to christmas pudding

Jaffa jacks

These are a fantastic take on jaffa cakes

Nutty Banofee Dessert

It was a difficult afternoon creating this…........

Banoffee Dessert

Nut and sugar free banofee dessert

Hot Cross Loaf

Try this pimped up version of THE Banana Loaf - you know, the one that went viral!

THE Banana Loaf - that went viral!

THE best banana loaf - you know the one that went viral!

Gorgeous Sugar free pancakes

Here’s a great gluten & sugar free alternative that works brilliantly sweet or savoury….........

Super Duper Sweet Potato Brownie

Super duper sweet potato brownie…....

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