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Courgette and salmon risotto

A quick and easy supper

Hake fillet and bacon arriabiata

So tasty…...

Curried eggs

Fab winter spicy nourishment

Sweet Potato Soup

I just love this quick and easy sweet potato soup for a wholesome lunch at this time of year when it’s getting a bit chilly!

Cheesy Jacks

Cheesy jacks - love, love, love these again great for pick up from school snack but savoury - think Cheddars!

Winter Chicken Salad

Quick and easy salad

Poultry pie and root veg mash

A tasty take alternative to shepherds pie

Homemade mincemeat bites

A great alternative to mince pies

Festive Cheesecake

Brilliant alternative to christmas pudding

Jaffa jacks

These are a fantastic take on jaffa cakes

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