You will need arborio rice (I used a quarter of a packet but look at the recommendation for amount per person, a salmon fillet, a sliced courgette, a large knob of butter, a large crushed clove of garlic, lemon rind from half a lemon, a centimetre cube of ginger thinly sliced, one and a half pints of vegetable stock (or the recommended amount), some frozen peas, half a bag of fresh spinach, some grated parmesan, a handful of toasted pine nuts, a mixed bag of lettuce leaves and one sliced spring onion.  In a heavy based pan on a low heat drop the large blob of butter into it and then add the garlic, ginger and rice, stir to get a good coating of butter over the grains.  Add the courgettes and salmon, then start slowly adding the stock a little bit at a time.  You will need to be stirring it relatively frequently so that it doesn’t stick on the bottom, when the rice has soaked up that stock then add a bit more until the rice is al dente.  At this point add in the spinach, peas, lemon rind and pine nuts.  These will cook quickly, at this point it’s ready to serve with your green salad (with french dressing) and a grating of parmesan cheese.  

Great for a dinner out of not much when your husbands business partner is staying!