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Magic really does work...........

Last week was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’.

Whilst our friends and family love us unconditionally they can also be the ones that can drain us most mentally and emotionally, sabotaging all good health intentions.

There’s a saying ‘You become who you spend your time with’.

It’s something I see regularly in my line of coaching and there are a few strategies you can use to protect yourself from negative wellwishers.

My top number one strategy is the Charm Shield - yes magic really does work!

A great friend of mine taught me this, it not only brings a little smile to my face when using it but you feel protected from the negative energy that some friends and family may have, helping you to stay strong and on course to your goals.

It’s simple, easy and can be used as quickly as Harry Potter! 

Here’s how:-

When you see, know or think you’ll be experiencing negative energy, visualise an invisible bubble around you the ‘Charm Shield’ so that the negative energy and comments can bounce off the bubble or shield, away from you.  

NO negative energy can get into that positivity bubble.

It really is that simple.  

Practice, practice, practice then PRACTICE some more.  

It’s great that such a simple fun strategy is so effective.

If your friends and family often lead you to the path of self sabotage and ‘I need to treat myself’ mentality then this top trick will work.





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