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How to Change your Life in just 5 Days

Hey lovely Love Natural Peeps, would you like to change your outlook on life in just 5 days?

If you would then you’ll  love this new challenge I have for you!  

Easter is over, the kids are back to school and it’s time to get back onnit…........


All you have to do is think positive thoughts about everything and anything you do for five whole days.

What do you have to do?

Talk to yourself nicely, see the good things in all situations and about all people you engage with in the next five days.

Easy right?

If you have one negative thought you’re back to day one of your five days - get it?

Encourage your family and friends to join you and have a check in at the end of each day.  

What would being more positive mean to you?

If you commit to doing this it can be an absolute #gamechanger

Just FIVE days…...

Need more Willpower? Change your environment...

Wasn’t it the most beautiful weekend with ice cream weather?  

I spent Sunday on the trampoline with my girls just having fun and catching the rays.

Would I have posted this pic five years ago?!  

You must be kidding!!!!!  

Hardly any mums or women over 35 are confident on a trampoline let alone in a bikini!

It took me nine months to a year to eventually get my head around changing my mindset and realising that I was the only one responsible for my health, back problems, weight gain etc.

Once the penny had dropped and I’d made that mindset shift the rest was easy.  

I concentrated on the nutrition first because I couldn’t exercise initially and that made it even easier.

Just concentrating on the ‘ONE THING’ supported my shift in mindset.

I set myself up for guaranteed success rather than failure.


Creating positive neural disturbance patterns and changing my environment so that when the willpower ran out (because it always does) plan B was in place to support my goal.

Your environment is your foundation for health and the grounding for a great nutrition plan.

Here are a few small changes that will improve your environment

  1. If you can’t beat the biscuits/crisps/cakes/ice creams don’t buy them or have them in the house - lead your family’s nutritional habits by example
  2. Can’t seem to get your 10 veg a day in?  Cheat and use a powdered greens shake or buy frozen veg and mix with a protein powder if you’re on the run
  3. Got friends that you always meet for a glass of vino?  Meet them for a dog walk and ask them to support your goals, maybe they’ll want to join you on your journey where you can make new like minded friends that will help you step up to the next level - community makes you stronger!
  4. Always on facebook late at night and not getting enough sleep - don’t take your phone to bed, put an alarm on to let you know it’s time to switch off and wind down for the evening will support good sleep habits
  5. Get stressed and anxious easily over family issues - learn some breathing exercises to help calm your mind and get clarity on the issues

Simple changes like the above will have a big impact on your health goals and whether they lead to success or failure.

The ONE THING to learn from this is to control your environment before it controls you!

The health and fitness world likes to be a confusing place but it’s pretty simple if you make it that way.  

I like to teach simple strategies (so you can bounce on a trampoline all day in a bikini if you fancy it) in my Love Natural Eating program to make it easy for you and your own unique lifestyle.

If you’d like to know more get in touch….

To your future health and fitness

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