Love Natural Eating will  get you results inside and out!

Here’s Why - When I ask clients what they want to achieve the answer is nearly always ‘lose weight get fit and toned’

Eating the Love Natural Eating way nourishes and fuels your body from within so you’ll experience reduced inflammation, anxiety and digestive issues and have increased energy levels and happiness.  The side effect of all of those is fantastic weight loss results!  

Let me introduce myself - I’m Samantha Hardingham and over the years I’ve helped hundreds of women to lose weight and feel amazing with my Love Natural Eating Plan.  

Why Listen to Me?

Because I’ve been in your shoes and it’s now my passion to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained so you don’t have to keep making the same mistakes!  I love food but it didn’t always love me.  I’ve been overweight and underweight hating my body with a passion.  I wasn’t ill but I never felt well either.  Everything I did everyday was an effort.  I’d tried all the commercial slimming groups but found it too difficult to stick to and still felt hungry and ended up putting more weight on in the long run.  I was determined to change and the saying “if you always do what you’ve always done you always get what you’ve always got” came into play.  So I researched and came up with my Love Natural Eating plan.  Within 10 days I’d lost 10 pounds and all the symptons of lethargy, aching joints, hormonal pain, headaches and feeling faint had gone. The biggest bonus was I had unlimited energy that I had NEVER experienced before and a clear mindset.


  • Because the right food should make you feel energised! 
  • Because I’ve broken it down into a simple step by step process that’s easy to follow
  • Because I’m there to support and coach you through the journey 
  • Because I’m there to keep you accountable
  • Because I’m there to provide quick easy recipes that are family friendly without having to find fussy ingredients

10 Steps to Eliminate Food Cravings

Eliminate food cravings so you are never hungry again!