Love Natural Eating gives you the right ingredients to let me help transform your body and create the one you deserve

10 Steps to Eliminate Food Cravings

Eliminate food cravings so you are never hungry again!

The Love Natural Eating Way

I'm Samantha Hardingham and I’ve developed Love Natural Eating over the years to help educate busy mums and professional women transform their bodies and achieve their goals.

As a busy mum myself, I know how hard it can be when…


You don’t have the time


You don’t have the energy


Your family needs you and you're always putting them first


You're lost and want the body you deserve

That's why I put this program together, to help you, a busy mum, be the best you can!

The Love Natural Eating programmes are a combination of four elements


Love Natural Eating Habits

how to break bad habits and create new habits that take you towards a healthier you


Love Natural Eating Mindfulness

understanding your previous relationship with eating and how to overcome it


Love Natural Eating Education

understanding how to create more willpower and motivation to guarantee long term success


Love Natural Movement

fun quick exercises that burn turn your body in a fat burning furnace

The Love Natural Eating program is a simple step by step guide that will help you build a lean, strong, healthy body and mind.  You'll be inspired, motivated, supported and coached by myself.  Meet new likeminded friends all aiming for the same goal and feel physically and emotionally better than ever before.

The Love Natural Eating programs will re-energise your body and mind and help you lose weight forever without having to obsessively count calories or spend hours a day exercising with little effect - there's SO much more to life than that!

Just weeks to a confident happy you!

Get started!